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We are the Parish of Haggardstown and Blackrock and we can be contacted at the following address:

Parochial HouseChapel Rd, Mullagharlin, Dundalk, Co. Louth

Collection of Personal Data – Why?

The Parish collect personal data which may be in the form of name, address, telephone numbers, email address directly from you and it is used for the purpose of liaising with our congregation and friends on parochial and personal matters. The legal basis for collecting and processing your personal data is Consent.  This means you have given your permission to us to use your data for a specified purpose.

We also may hold your name, address, telephone numbers, and email address if you request your name to be added to the electronic Parish Bulletin that is issued regularly. Your email address is collected as a unique identifier to allow this to occur. 

We use Mailchimp to manage our contact lists. Mailchimp is an audience management tool which assists us to respond easily and quickly to our contacts. The system allows us to see when someone has opted in to receive information from us and this is our method of proving the legal basis of consent but also allows for the modification or removal of any personal information any time you need to.  When someone is removed from our contact list, their data is anonymised and therefore do not feature in any reports generated thereafter. Mailchimp is GDPR* compliant and does not share, sell or otherwise send your data to any other party.

We may also hold minimal information should you log in to view the Parish Website – the Cookies** that are located here help the user navigate our website for the best possible experience but also gives us basic information as to what users are accessing on the website at different times, so that we can add to our content and adjust layout again to enhance the users experience but also to inform us on the ways that we can maximise the use of our Website.  Please see our Cookie policy in this regard for more detailed information.  

If you sign up to make an online Donation on our Website portal for example to set up a standing order to make your weekly parish contribution or to pay Dues, please know that in addition to holding your name, address, telephone number and email address, we may hold your bank details in this regard.  We use a third party to handle online payments and the name of this company is Donorbox.

The information that is collected will always be as minimal as possible.  The information shall be accessible to the Parish Council members as necessary to allow them operate their duties and only for the purpose that it was collected.  It will not be shared with any other party.

We will retain the information you have supplied to us in a safe and secure manner in digital format in a password protected environment where only those essential personnel that need access, have it.

Right of Access

As a Parishioner/Friend/Donator of BH Parish you have the right to access any personal data being held by us.  This can be requested by sending an email to  We may then contact you in relation to providing proof of identification to confirm your identity.  We will then process your subject access request according to best practice and provide the information requested within a reasonable period of time.  We aim to provide the data within 30 days, but sometimes this can take longer due to the type or complexity of request or the current volume of request.

Right of rectification or erasure

If you find or feel that the information we hold on you is excessive or inaccurate you have the right to have this information removed or rectified.  Please send all these types of requests to insert contact details stating the information to be rectified or the data to be removed with the reason for this.  Please be aware that the Parish has a legal obligation to hold some types of personal data and may not be able to delete these types of data on request.  We will however inform you of this along with the time period we have to hold this data on your request. CHECK THIS eg financial records


BH Parish takes the security of your personal data seriously and as such employ appropriate physical and technical measures.  This includes the use of SSL encryption of web traffic between you, our ‘customer’ and our website.

Accurate, complete and up-to-date

We understand the importance of holding only accurate, complete and up-to-date data. If you discover that we hold inaccurate information about you, you can request us to correct that information and BH Parish would very much encourage you to do so. Any such request must be in writing and should be transmitted to us either by post or by email at the addresses referred to above. We may require photo I.D. to confirm and fulfil the request.  We will review permissions already given by you before any actions are taken in respect of any further processing and update these as or if required by contacting you.

Adequate, relevant, not excessive

BH Parish adheres to the principle that data gathered must be adequate, relevant and not excessive. It is important to note that laws, rules and practices can evolve or change, so this will be reflected in the application and the operative spectrum of the three guiding sub-principles below.

Adequate: To provide the services on offer, personal data must be gathered for the purpose of communication, information, administration and legal compliance.

Relevant: Only personal data which is germane, appropriate and necessary under law to the requirements of the services provided and legitimate interests of BH Parish are sought.

Not excessive: The necessity of having an ‘upper limit’ of personal data collection is acknowledged. BH Parish is mindful of the potential for ‘excessive data creep’.


BH Parish minimises the amount of personal data held. To facilitate this, unnecessary and/or superfluous data will be deleted/discarded in a secure manner. Contact details will be kept up to date via Mailchimp on an ongoing basis or where you withdraw your permission, information will be purged accordingly.

Where information must be held e.g. under a legal obligation for example, finance audit guidelines for financial records, then the appropriate amount of time – 7 years for financial records,  the data will not be retained for any longer than this said period..


*The GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, is a European privacy law that went into effect in May of 2018. It regulates how personal data of individuals in the EU can be collected, used, and processed by businesses. The law impacts both European companies and businesses with European contacts.


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